Telehealth: how it works

Diet and lifestyle changes last when you have the support you need and it fits into your schedule. Using secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, we can schedule nutrition therapy sessions wherever you are. I live in Hawaii. Maybe you’re in Omaha. No problem!

Leaving a session with goals that you can’t remember how to implement is a major reason why many people don’t follow through and sustain their progress.  With secure texting, you can easily ask questions as they come up rather than waiting for a follow up appointment. Have zero ideas about what to make for dinner? Going to a wedding and are stressing out about what you will eat? At the grocery store and forget the name of that non-glucose spiking sweetener we talked about? Just need some support? Text me and I’ll get back to you ASAP (and at most within one business day). 

Once we have our initial video call and establish goals for you, you will have your own web portal with your plan highlighted on top.  Any food, lifestyle and supplement recommendations are available to view at any time, along with the reason why it is recommended. 

Do you love data and biomarkers? We can track it all or only what makes sense to you. Think food and mood journals, exercise, water intake, sleep.

Your personal portal helps to keep you on track.

Ready to start?